Get to know your photographer.

Angela was the little girl asking Santa Claus for a camera. She forced her friends into mini fashion photoshoots and took endless photos of her pets and family. Over time, this need to document every part of her life became a dream of making the most fleeting moments last forever through her craft. As a passionate photographer, Angela has a keen eye for beauty in the mundane and a profound love for storytelling through the lens.

She believes every shot is a unique opportunity to craft art that resonates with her client. Her dedication is evident in every image, where attention to detail and artistic flair come together to create timeless memories.

Specializing in Wedding Photography and Adventure Photography, Angela has an innate ability to connect with subjects and the surrounding environment. Whether it's a stunning landscape at golden hour or the pure joy expressed on a bride's face, her photographs capture the essence of the moment and weave unforgettable stories.

But it's not just the artistic vision that sets Angela apart. Her friendly demeanor and professionalism make each photoshoot an enjoyable experience for clients and subjects alike. Working with Angela means not just getting incredible photographs but also forming a lasting bond with a creative soul who genuinely cares about her work and her clients' satisfaction.

Rock climbing with friends at Muir Valley in Red River Gorge, KY.

Adventure awaits.

"My dream job until college was to be a wildlife photographer for National Geographic magazine, so I've always had an incredible desire to wander this beautiful planet. In 2021, I became part of the climbing community and it changed me forever. I made amazing connections that opened my life up to ways I could explore and experience adventures that I never thought I could be on.

I believe that nature is therapy and the way you change when you are immersed in it deserves to be documented. My dream job now? Allowing you to stay present while I do what I love...being outdoors and behind my camera, working magic to make your memories last forever!"

I Love Love.

"The way a bride wipes under her eyes ever so gently after she's had her makeup done and her dad walks in the room to see her for the first time...

the way a groom lights up right before the tears start falling when he sees his bride-to-be at the end of the isle...

those are the moments that keep me coming back for more wedding photography! I'm the photographer who will most likely cry at least once at your wedding or elopement, even though we just met and it'll probably be during your first dance!"